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Religion in Marl

A place for everyone in Marl
A place for everyone in Marl

People of a wide and diverse range of religions and cultures have been living side by side in Marl for decades. There is a prevailing culture of tolerance and openness in the town which is reflected in the many cross-cultural activities and meetings. Communication and understanding between the different religions are major focal points of the cross-cultural work in Marl.

The main religious groups and institutions are listed under "Religious groups and organisations in Marl". Information on the Christian-Islamic Association of Marl (CIAG Marl) and the annual Abraham Festival of Religions (Abrahamsfest der Religionen) organised by the CIAG Marl can be found under "Christian-Islamic Association of Marl" and "Marl Abraham Festival of Religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism".

All the information is available in German.

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